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Transitional Kindergarten (TK) information

Transitional Kindergarten Information


Children who will be five years of age between September 2, 2024, and June 2, 2025

The TK program follows a minimum day schedule. The hours are 8:20 – 12:25 Monday through Friday.


The TK program is play-based while also focusing on academics in a fun, engaging, hands-on learning environment. Students will have two designated times set aside for free play: outdoor recess and choice time. During these times, students will be exploring during play allowing them to building skills in fine and gross motor, communication, social-emotional, and friendships with the support of the classroom teacher. Students will also be learning in an engaging, hands-on environment encompassing all academics. Exploration includes areas in math, literacy, science, social studies, and art.


Daily Schedule (sample -- times vary and may be flexible):

8:20                            Welcome/Attendance/Morning Meeting/Music

8:40                            Centers

9:20                            Read Aloud

9:30                            Writers Workshop/Art/Art Masterpiece

9:50                            Restroom/Hand washing Break and Snack

10:15                          Recess

10:45                          Readers Workshop/Social Studies

11:10                          Read Aloud

11:20                          Math Workshop/Science/Centers

11:40                          Choice Time

12:10                          Closing Circle

12:25                          Dismissal     


The TK program provides preschool age children the advantage of an early introduction to learning the routines and expectations of a public-school classroom allowing them greater success in a kindergarten classroom.


TK: Frequently Asked Questions


What should my child bring to school?

Backpack: Students will need a backpack to carry items such as personal belongings and communication papers to and from school.

Snack: Students should bring a snack(s)that can be eaten within 15 to 20 minutes.

Water Bottle: Students should bring a water bottle for use during snack and hot days.

Extra Clothes: Students should have an extra change of clothes for any potty accidents that may occur. This should include a top, bottom, underwear, and socks. If possible, these garments placed in a gallon Ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name.


What type of shoes should my child wear?

Closed toed shoes: This type of shoe protects students toes during active play.


What should my child wear to school?

Layer clothing: Students are encouraged to wear layers so they can adjust their clothing throughout the day depending on weather. The doors and windows will be open to help with ventilation.


What should my child know/practice before attending school?

Flushing a toilet: Many young students are frightened by the sound or action of flushing a public toilet. Please allow them to practice flushing a toilet when they use one with you present.

Zipping and buttoning garments: Students have difficulty with independently zipping and buttoning garments with their small fingers. Practice, practice, practice.

Outwear: Students can practice independently putting on and taking off coats and sweaters.

Opening and closing snack containers: Many students have difficulty opening and/or closing snack containers. Please have your child practice opening and closing snack containers.


Can my child get a hot meal from the cafeteria in TK?

Breakfast and hot lunch: All SLVUSD students are eligible to receive a meal from the school cafeteria. *It is best to notify your child’s teacher, especially at this age, if your child should be getting a meal (breakfast or lunch).



Can my child ride the bus in TK?

Bus rider: Yes, TK students are able to ride the bus. Please contact or visit Transportation Services for more information:

(831) 336-9672

SLVUSD Transportation Link