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Principal's Message



Danielle Winters

Principal, San Lorenzo Valley Elementary

[email protected]


Hello amazing SLVE families! I am so thankful to be a part of the SLE family and to be the leader of such a wonderful school! I look forward to working together in the coming months and years to do what is best for the youngest members of our community.


In case you don’t know me, I have been in public education in Santa Cruz County since 2002 and was a teacher at SLVE for 7 years . After that,  I became the district Data and Assessment Coach, then in 2017, transitioned to be the SLV High School Assistant Principal.


Outside of school I love to run, hike, cycle, walk my dog, and go to the beach. I have one daughter in high school, one daughter in college and my husband is a Battalion Chief in Santa Cruz County.


This year provides us with an unparalleled opportunity for change. SLE plans to continue to improve upon our successes, taking with us many valuable tools learned from the last year. We will all need our skills of patience, flexibility and creativity again as we come into a new time in education.



  • Teachers, parents and administrators will continue to put students’ health and well-being first

  • We want all students to be successful in their learning and in life

  • We want kids to grow up to be well-rounded, happy, productive citizens in our inter-connected world

  • We believe all kids are special and deserve a quality education

As long as we keep our core beliefs at the forefront of what we do, we can make any situation a positive experience for our youngest SLV community members. We are embarking on a journey together that is new for everyone. I believe with teamwork, communication and positive thinking we can continue to educate and support our children. 


I look forward to working with all of you and to support the wonderful things that happen every day at SLVE!