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San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School is a two-time California Distinguished school and a California Gold Ribbon School. Our mission statement is as follows: We are a community of dedicated educators supporting one another to develop critical thinkers and inspire confident learners. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of children through teaching innovative programs, engaging curriculum, active communication and essential interventions. Our vision is to build and sustain innovative programs, engaging curriculum and essential interventions that support continuous improvement in student achievement. 


San Lorenzo Valley Elementary is one of two elementary schools in the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. We are located in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains and have been an integral part of the Valley for the past 60 years. We are now in our third generation of students. At the beginning of the 06-07 school year, San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School became a K-5 school. In 2012, we added a TK program. Our school now includes 565 students. Our K-3 students participate in class size reduction, with those classrooms averaging about 24 students. 4th and 5th grade classes average about 30 students. All classrooms are equipped with projectors, document cameras, and computers, and we have a Mac computer lab and Chromebook carts that are used by all classes. 5th grade students are participating in a "Bring Your Own Device--BYOD" program to ensure access to technology and a focus on 21st Century Learning Skills. 


Curriculum is focused on preparing students for college and career in all subject areas, and follows the Common Core Standards for each grade level. Our teachers engage in regular collaboration around student achievement on Wednesday afternoons. K-3 students have music enrichment, science enrichment and art added into the curriculum because we value educating all facets of our children’s minds. 4th and 5th-grade students have separate teachers for Music and Science, in addition to art instruction. In addition, all students have PE instruction. SLVE students benefit greatly from our location. The school shares a large campus with the district's middle and senior high schools. This proximity allows for many cross-age tutoring opportunities, with MS and HS students acting as tutors and classroom aides for our classes. Students also gain hands-on learning in our environment through hands-on lessons using the redwood forest and our local watershed for nature walks, experiments, and lessons in conservation.