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Attendance Matters!  Get to school ON TIME, EVERY DAY!!

Did you Know?

When you take your child out for a vacation, teachers do not need to give you work before hand.  They can collect work while your child is gone, and then give it to you for makeup when you return.  Preparing work in advance is VERY time consuming for teachers and takes time away from their teaching.  Ed code also allows teachers to NOT give work at all for unexcused absences.  Just another reason to not take your children out of school unless they are ill.

If you will be on vacation for more than 5 days, you can apply for an independent study contract.  To do so, you must notify Sue FInau, our registrar, at least two weeks prior to your trip.  She will get your through the process. Work that is sent with you must be returned, complete, the day you return for you to get credit for the work and not have an unexcused absence.  

Report all absences to the office, not to your child’s teacher, by calling 335-7770.  Absences that are not cleared by a parent automatically become unexcused.  


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